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jewelry care tips

This jewelry is primarily made from ribbons, textiles and cloth. Like pearls and other fine stranded beads, necklaces should be stored by hanging when possible. They should be kept dry, so no swimming or showering with them on!

Ribbon Necklaces
If stored in a drawer or box, the ribbons can get wrinkled. The best way to remove the wrinkles is to hang the necklace. If it is badly wrinkled, you can lightly mist the necklace with a fine spray of water and then hang to dry. I don’t recommend washing the necklace because water can shrink the ribbons and change their colors. Ribbon necklaces can be washed if absolutely necessary by swishing briefly in a fine laundry cold water bath, then rolling in a towel and hanging to dry.

Fraying of the ribbon ends is a design element. A clear glue can be used on the ribbon ends if the fraying bothers you. Trim a little of the frayed ribbon from the edges and apply glue.

Cord Necklaces
Cord necklaces require little care. They should be hung for storage if possible. If hanging isn’t possible be sure to keep the clasp closed so that the multi-strand cords don’t get tangled.
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